About Adria

Adria Dom d.o.o., as part of the Adria Group, is engaged in the production and marketing of mobile homes and modular buildings, floating homes and luxury glamping tents. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has produced more than 16,400 units, which continuously exceed the expectations of customers, by using technologically advanced production processes. The company has produced and sold more than 1,300 units in the 2021 season. Our products are already placed in 30 countries around the world.
The main competitive advantages of the company include know-how, team work, innovation, high-quality products, experience and respect. The important fact is the cooperation within the entire Adria Group and the location of production, which is very significant when it comes to entering foreign markets. The company takes its competitive advantages very seriously, therefore paying a lot of attention to the training of all employees, especially experts in the field of development. With each passing year, we also take a step forward in environmental matters. We are very proud of investing in our own solar power plant, making us one of the few companies in Slovenia that obtains most of the needed electricity in an environmentally friendly way.
In 2015, the Adria brand celebrated its most important milestone – 50 years of successful operations, development and existence on the market. The anniversary was marked by revamping the image of the brand, reflected in the thoughtful design of the new Adria logo. Adria’s mission, vision and values are based upon various aspects of our everyday lives. The company that follows its vision and its 50-year tradition of knowledge is also creating a synergy in the Adria Group. It achieves this by sharing examples of good practice and improving the company's strengths and product quality with innovative and functional technological solutions.
We are experiencing changes in the tourism industry every year, but 2021 will be one of the most important so far. The next chapter of tourism will be marked by travel restrictions, health awareness and government regulations. More than ever, tourists will place emphasis on the quality and type of accommodation, also in terms of fully equipped and self-contained accommodation units.

It is clear that travel and tourism need to develop sustainably. This is also one of the important strategic directions of Adria Home. The company is committed to working with partners who understand not only caring for the environment but also to act as a socially responsible company on the basis of sustainable development.

For the new season, we want to highlight brand new all-season mobile home Aurora Twin, developed for the markets of Central and Northern Europe and brand new Open Air glamping tent, which will attract the most interest with its innovative layout and full outdoor/indoor connectivity. Your support inspires us and leads us to develop new innovative ideas.
An important part of our strategic focus is sustainable development. We are proud to work with our partners to develop projects that are globally responsible and as such support economic and social development and environmental protection. We are aware of our responsibilities within the local community, as well as towards the partners we work with. Developing the best products within the tourist trade is our mission and passion.
Successfully implemented projects in different parts of the world represent a great motivation for the future. You have trusted us for 19 years and each one was special. Your ideas inspire us to be even better. Together, we give the tourism industry hope and an example of how business cooperation can turn into a long-term partnership.


Company name: | Adria Dom, d.o.o.
Registered office: | Kanižarica 135, 8340 Črnomelj, Slovenia
Phone | (07) 35 69 100
Fax: | (07) 35 69 105
E-mail (general information): | info@adria-home.com
Activity code (NACE): | 16.230
Company registration number: | 1732528000
Company tax number: | SI66141125
Bank account: | SI56 0243 0025 4004 538 (NLB)
Equity capital: | 957.597,00 EUR
Managing director: | Marta Kelvišar
Number of employees (2020): | 265
Registration entry: | 1/04419/00, District Court of Novo mesto
Adria Dom, d. o. o. is represented by Marta Kelvišar, managing director of Adria Home.

Representatives of top management:
  • Uroš Mavretić, Sales and Marketing Director
  • Jure Žagar, Technical operations Director 
  • Jernej Jazbec, Purchasing and logistics Director
  • Jani Petric, Director of economic
  • Nina Nikić, Human resource Director
  • Simon Kozina, IT Director


Comfort in nature. Adria Home. Inspiring mobile homes that reflect the modern lifestyle.

The company produces innovative products intended for comfortable and safe living in nature. With its activities in the field of production, planning, marketing and services, it is also in a broader sense associated with this mission. This is reflected in the ensuring of healthy working conditions, high-tech product design and care for the environment by using environmentally friendly material.


By developing innovative, high-quality products, the company is strengthening its position as the leading provider in South-East Europe and is aiming to become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The company wants for its customers to enjoy the most comfort and thus achieving quality living in nature.

This will be achieved when each individual in the company becomes an expertise manufacturer and his activities exceed customer expectations and by strengthening the long-term business relationships and partnerships, especially in the field of supply and marketing.


It is necessary for each individual to appreciate the co-worker and to fully participate in the creation of a common objective. 




Introducing new products in all product groups for the 2020 season. We have refined our exterior and interior design in all ranges of mobile homes to bring them even closer to the modern user. The most important newcomer, however, is the completely new mobile home Aurora. Aurora is a year-round mobile home with excellent energy efficiency. It can be ranked somewhere between a standard mobile home and the Alpline modular home, which was launched last year. In our glamping tent range, we are launching a brand-new Adriatic series, which represents our entry-level model and has the best price to quality ratio. Another important novelty is the luxury version of our largest tent – Boutique with large panoramic glass doors and windows. The Alpline modular home is available with new exterior cladding. Floating homes will mostly receive exterior touch ups, i.e. additional solutions like the sunny roof terrace. 

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For 2019 we have recently introduced innovative new products, including the new modular home Alpline and we have created some exciting projects with our partners, including our first ever Floating homes. In these ground-breaking projects including mobile homes and authentic glamping tents, we use our intelligent design philosophy and our world class integrated and professional project management to great effect. The company is growing, we have taken on more employees and we are successfully entering new markets. The work doesn’t stop there however, and in the year ahead we will be releasing a completely new SLine series of mobile homes, the MLine and XLine will be refreshed with new exterior and interior designs and we will be introducing a new, larger tent model Safari L Loft and Safari Adriatic. Passion has guided the Adria brand for over half a century and this year we are celebrating the 15th year of our first mobile home. We have forged strong bonds with our colleagues, business partners and customers, who believe in us and trust us.  

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In 2017, we will continue presenting new and completely refurbished models in both product lines. We will present a brand new XLine series of mobile homes, a new interior design of the MLine series and a new interior design and new exterior cladding for the SLine series. In product line of glamping tents we will present new models, Safari Loft, Safari Adriatic and Bell Outlook.

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In 2016 we launched a completely new product line, Glamping tents. In the segment of luxury camping we introduced Bell, Safari and Boutique models. They represent Adria Home as a leader in developing new trends, producing unique products. Using innovative design solutions for exterior and interior, they offer something different for camping resorts. Adria Home Glamping tents are the result of our teamwork, skills and passion, all combined with the highest quality and best suppliers.

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In 2015 Adria, celebrated fifty years and we offered new 'jubilee' products including totally redesigned mobile home ranges (SLine, MLine and XLine).With new interior and exterior designs these new homes reflect our cooperation with designers and engineers to show a new, innovative, way of thinking.

To-date Adria has designed and manufactured:

  • 570000 vechicles
  • 10000 mobile homes
  • 320 campsites
  • 17 countries

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We prepare an intelligent design in external, as well in the internal arrangement and layout, to install top of the range quality material, to care of the environment and to offer the best ratio between quality and price.

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Consolidation of Sun Roller and Adria trademarks, renaming the company into Adria Dom, d.o.o in order to improve the position in the market, examination of products according to the EN 1647: 2004 + A1: 2008 standard takes place. Products are manufactured and fully compliant with the standard EN 1647: 2012, also all products suit the requirements of EN 1949: 2011.


The company obtained the certificate of quality management according to ISO 9001.


Completely renovated and innovative exterior of mobile homes Adria with X-line model On the basis of earnings and employment growth, other financial data and business stories the newspaper Dnevnik voted three nominees, who were competing for a gazela 2011 (business award). The company Sun Roller Adriatica was among them.


Sun Roller and Adria Home trademarks reposition according to the market needs. The Sun Roller and Adria Home mobile homes programme is implementing in the subsidiary Sun Roller Adriatica, d.o.o in Kanižarica near Črnomelj.


The parent company Adria Mobil, d.o.o. combines the production of Sun Roller and Adria Home mobile homes in one location in the subsidiary Sun Roller Adriatica, d.o.o.


The company Adria Mobil, d.o.o from Slovenia buys Sun Roller SA from Spain and with that a subsidiary of Sun Roller Adriatica, d.o.o from Črnomelj, and thus enriches the range of products with mobile houses.


The company Sun Roller Adriatica, d.o.o, receives the award "foreign investor of the year" for the "greenfield" project, that developed in the area of the former mine Kanižarica near Črnomelj in Bela Krajina.


Serial production began in May 2003. In the first year 60 mobile homes were built.


Sun Roller Adriatica, d.o.o. was founded 30. 8. 2002. The company is active in the field of design and manufacture of mobile homes. The owner is a Spanish company Sun Roller S.a. from Hostalrika near Barcelona. The investment in the company was worth 229 million SIT, the project was also supported by the Slovenian government (111 million SIT non-refundable funds). The business premises of the company are located in Kanižarica near Črnomelj in the area of the former coal mine. Sun Roller project is part of the rehabilitation project of the mine and will partly replace the jobs that were lost in that region.


Sun Roller Adriatica, d.o.o. was founded 30. 8. 2002. The company is active in the field of design and manufacture of mobile homes. The owner is a Spanish company Sun Roller S.a. from Hostalrika near Barcelona. The investment in the company was worth 229 million SIT, the project was also supported by the Slovenian government (111 million SIT non-refundable funds). The business premises of the company are located in Kanižarica near Črnomelj in the area of the former coal mine. Sun Roller project is part of the rehabilitation project of the mine and will partly replace the jobs that were lost in that region.


Respect to the Environment

Adria is committed to produce eco-friendly mobile homes and uses eco-friendly materials and appliances which offer energy and water saving. Within our production system, Adria practices sustainable manufacturing techniques. Also one of the major steps in using renewable energy was implementing solar cells on the factory, with a total surface of 1500 photovoltaic elements in 2012.

We are committed to continue: 

  • including ecology into our development strategy as well as into our annual plans along with envisaged measures, means, managers, operators of activities and deadlines in order to continuously reduce negative environmental impacts,
  • identifying and monitoring environmental factors, measuring environmental indicators and taking appropriate measures in case of discrepancies,
  • ensuring the continuous improvement of the environmental management system,
  • reducing the quantity of generated waste and ensuring its recycling by means of separate waste collection,
  • striving towards rational use of energy products and water,
  • implementing appropriate environmental-protection training and increasing the employees' awareness of our responsibility towards the working and general environment,
  • co-operating with interested internal and external customers,
  • discussing environmental issues in co-operation with our suppliers and dealers,
  • periodically notifying our employees about the results of environmental assessments,
  • limiting the use of materials harmful to the environment,
  • implementing and supporting research on the reduction of negative environmental impact related to our company, and informing all persons and legal entities working for the company or in its name about our environmental policy. The environmental policy is a document available to the general public.

Committed to excellence

Adria Home has made a commitment to continual development, production and marketing of quality mobile homes. Its goal is to produce safe, functional and reliable products for customers who wish to spend quality leisure time. When organizing and performing activities – everything from purchasing of materials to product sale – the company makes sure to prevent causes of mistakes, detects potential mistakes as soon as possible and immediately eliminates them, as well as constantly improves all activities in the company.

Adria's quality policy is defined by basic guidelines and objectives reaching the quality criteria.

To ensure the requested and expected level of quality and to be successful in the time of constant technological innovations and intense competition, the company has chosen the ISO 9000 quality standards in order to follow global trends.

“World Class Manufacturing”

World Class Manufacturing is a set of concepts, principles, policies and techniques for managing a manufacturing company. It is a process-driven approach where implementations usually involve many philosophies and techniques, which are known also from the Lean Manufacturing concept. 

Adria Home started to implement the World Class Manufacturing approach in 2012 and until now already implemented 5S, Value Added production time analysis, High employee involvement, Cross functional teams and Multi-skilled employee concepts. We are proud to say that Adria Mobil is definitely a company with one of the most advanced manufacturing operations.


Adria Dom has for over 12 years now been planning, developing, producing and marketing leisure time products. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas and new solutions for our "houses on wheels". We are aware that leisure time has become somewhat of a luxury nowadays. As a result, we wish to offer our loyal customers a well-made, comfortable and functional product that is also visually and aesthetically appealing.


We received Golden Award for Floating home and Silver Award for Alpline modular home at the Innovation Awards 2019 of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina.

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Adria Home is the winner for best fast growing company in the region for 2017 – Gazela. The Slovenian Gazela is a selection of the best fast growing companies characterized by rapid growth, flexibility and dynamic entrepreneurship. 

Each year the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina organize a conference for Best Innovation in the region. This year Adria Home received Silver Award for all-new MLine mobile home. MLine series sets new trends with modern layouts through modularity. With solutions applied, MLine stands out with exceptional living experience. 

Adria Village project with glamping tents in Terme Olimia (Slo) is awarded as the best glamping resort. Once again our 'One-stop-shop' service has proven to be an excellent choice. Quality products and whole concept managed by Adria team has been recognized as a excellent winning business solution.

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In June 2016, the Chamber of commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina organized Conference of Innovation. At the event, Adria Home received two prestigious awards. New product line of mobile tents, received a Gold award and renewed mobile home Xline series has received a Silver award.


Adria Home received Energy management awareness certificate.


Bureau Veritas Certification certify that the Adria Home Management System has been audited and found to be in accordance with the Requirements of the management system standard.


Adria Home becomes the nominee in the selection of the best fast growing company in Dolenjska and Bela Krajina region.