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Boutique - B05 COUPLE

Basic information

Number of beds

Length interior/exterior

Width interior/exterior

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms



Technical data

Floor insulation aluminium foil X
Vynil flooring X
Moisture resistant CTB-H flooring 19 mm X
Length interior/exterior 6,6/7,62
Width interior/exterior 5,9/6,9
Height interior/exterior 3,89/4,67
Area 39+7
Number of beds 6
Number of bedrooms 3
Number of bathrooms 1
Kitchen -
Loft bedroom X
Transport length 5,9
Transport width 2,3
Transport height 2,55
Powder coated steel chassis X
Inflatable wheels O
Cointainer transport kit O
Detachble hook O
Leveling Feet X
Anchoring Kit - Steel rod O
Anchoring Kit - Steel ancor O
PVC transport protection X
Sturdy wooden beams fi 80mm X
Chassis cover Campshield FR1 20cm X
Chassis cover Campshield FR1 45cm O
100% aluminium foldable pole construction O
Powder coated steel connectors X
Roof canvas PVC Sattler Complain 745 7M4 640g/m2 (FR) O
Roof canvas TenCate Campshield FR1 420g/m2 (FR) X
Interior canvas TenCate Campshield FR2 290g/m2 (FR) X
Window with mosquito net X
Internal canvas rolo X
External cristal PVC rolo with Vecro tape X
Front entrance opening section on zipper X
Side wall opening sections on zipper O
Mosquito net for entrance opening X
Pad lock system X
Master key for pad lock system O
Winter cover O
Chassis cover PVC 20cm O
Chassis cover PVC 45cm O
Mosquito net preinstallation on entrance doors X
Interior canvas TenCate KA46 420g/m2 O
Insulation canvas O
Front entrance sliding glass door Alu frame O
Curtains for entrance sliding glass door O
Mosquito net for entrance opening ALU frame doors O
Textile Combination - STANDARD TENT
Cushions in bedrooms O
Bedspread in master bedroom O
Interior doors 25mm X
Interior partition walls X
Partition curtains X
Mosquito net for beds O
Cushions in living room O
Sofa X
Sofa bed extendable O
Sofa footstool O
Dinning table X
Coffee table O
Transparent glass for dinning table O
Chairs X
Mirror in living room X
Fire extinguisher (1kg) in living room O
Fire blanket in living room O
Smoke detector in living room O
Adria Bluetooth sound system O
Ambiental LED lightning in living room X
Kitchen unit with 3 modules and hanging cupboards X
Glass ceramic hob with 4 burners O
Glass ceramic hob with 2 burners X
Stainless steel sink without drainer X
Built-in fridge with freezer 84l X
Built-in integreted refrigerator with freezer 130l X
Kitchen backsplash: White wall panel X
LED lightning above kitchen counter X
Electrical sockets over the kitchen counter (2x) X
Double bed with slatted bed base 160x200
Foam mattresses (25 kg/m2) in master bedroom X
Foam mattresses (35 kg/m2) in master bedroom O
Topper for matresses in master bedroom O
Wooden bed upholstery in master bedroom O
Upholstered bed in master bedroom X
Ottoman upholstered bed in master bedroom O
Ottoman bed with wooden upholstery in master bedroom O
Upholstered headboard in master bedroom X
Bedside tables in master bedroom X
Wardrobe in master bedroom X
Safe in master bedroom O
Reading LED lights in master bedroom X
Electrical socket in master bedroom X
Ambiental LED lightning under the shelf in master bedroom X
Shower cabin 120x80
Shower sliding doors with security glass X
Shower PVC wall X
Shower rail with sliding shower holder X
Wash-stand with mixer tap X
Mirror in bathroom X
Ceramic toilet with toilet seat X
Ceramic Toilet tank with saving function X
Toilet roll holder X
Hangers in bathroom (2 pcs) X
Hairdryer in bathroom O
Extractor fan in bathroom X
Electrical socket in bathroom X
Mirror with anbiental LED lights X
External connector to water facilities with pressure regulator X
PVC water pipes Speedfit® X
Central waste water outlet O
Water filter in technical box O
Electrical water heater 80l X
Insulated water pipes with electrical heating O
External connection 32A, 250V, 2P+E X
External connection 32A, 400V, 3P+N+E O
Reading LED lights in all rooms X
Ambiental LED lightning in living room and sleeping rooms X
TV socket X
USB socket X
UTP socket O
Black flush installations, sockets and switches X
External socket under chassis O
Covered terrace from Larchwood O, 6,6x2,74
Canopy over entrance X
Terrace from Larchwood O
Stairs on the whole lenght O
Table with chairs O
Lounge furniture with two chairs and coffe table O
Sun loungers (2 pcs) O
TV holder O
TV holder with double fold function O
LED TV 32 inch O
Air-conditioning white - mono split O
Electrical heater in living room O
Electrical towel heater in bathroom O
Electrical underfloor heating system Ebecco ® in all rooms O
Thermal treatment of solid wood O