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Baia di Gallipoli Camping Resort

Gallipoli, Italy

The Baia di Gallipoli Camping Resort extends across an area with a rural vocation, called Contrada L'ariò, that is named after the adjacent beautiful manor farm.Most of the resort is shaded naturally by wonderful centuries-old olive trees and some of the resort is shaded also by poplars and pines. You can enjoy the colours and scents of this heavenly corner: the blue sea which blurs its horizon with the sky, the perfumes and colours of the extraordinary Mediterranean scrub which enriches the sand dunes.
Baia di Gallipoli Camping Resort
Baia di Gallipoli Camping Resort 0 ka

Mobile Homes 2016

In this award-winning resort, we set up 30 of our well known and spacious SLine mobile homes. With spacious terraces represent an excellent accommodation while the houses themselves offer a pleasant stay. SLine Series is known as an excellent combination of affordability and elegance  and that's exactly why it's so well received. Nice looking and well located they are raising the attractiveness.

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Litoranea per S.M. di Leuca, 73014 Gallipoli
+39 0833 273210