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Gavina Camping & Resort

Creixell, Spain

On a peaceful seafront facing the beach and with a prime proximity to Barcelona, Yelloh! village Gavina is an experience that will satisfy your craving for relaxing in nature in the sun. There's something for the whole family, whether that's sunbathing yourself on the beach, swimming in their lagoon type pool or enjoying a variety of sports facilities. Explore private Mediterranean oasis, where every morning begins with the smell of salty air and the soft sand between your toes.
Gavina Camping & Resort
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Safari Beach Tents 2017

A very interesting project near the beach, where we set up 5 Safari M tents. The Safari series offers many customization options for a maximum living experience. Safari M is versatile and as such designed for complete relaxation and enjoyment. Set in record time, already in the first season proved to be an excellent decision and attracting new guests.

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Avenida de la Gavina, s/n, 43839 Creixell, Tarragona
+34 977 80 15 03